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Newsletter Week 3 Term 2

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Newsletter Week 3 Term 2

Term 2 commenced with our School Development Day on Monday 29 August. All staff focused on a number of things including, Thriving - not just surviving - building the brand and reputation of Geraldton Primary School’, and Developing a Distinctive Visual Identity for Geraldton PS’.

What do you immediately think of when Geraldton PS is mentioned?  What is the GPS brand that stands out to you, to our students, to new and prospective parents?

We asked the above and following questions to our staff and School Council members:

  • What do you think are the first impressions gained by new students to our school? How do we know this?
  • What does GPS actually need to change in a rebrand? (Logo and Motto, Website, Facebook, Stationery, Signage, Uniform, Parent Information Booklet, Student Information Booklet, etc).
  • What do you think our point of difference is from the other schools in Geraldton?
  • How is our school perceived by prospective parent/carers, students and community members, other schools?

We are in the process of collating the information and will share once we have asked students and parent/carers for their responses.

We will be involving students and parent/carers in this important part of our continued school development and improvement focus of developing a visual identity for our wonderful school and would love your input and/or expertise.

I will be attending a Department of Education Marketing and Promoting Your School workshop in Perth this week and will share the information gained when I return.

Please find attached the School Development Day Agenda for your interest. 


As Year 3 and 5 parent/carers will be aware, this week and next week is NAPLAN Online Assessment time.  Teachers have been working with students to show them the new online format.  All assessments (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Mathematic) will be done online with the exception of the Year 3 Writing which will be conducted used pencil and paper.

Here is a link as previously provided in last term’s newsletters to NAPLAN Online Parent/Carer guides.


  • Students to tie/keep hair out of their eyes.
  • Please adhere to our dress code policy which I have attached. 

  • Please keep students out of the car parks when entering or leaving school grounds on foot to keep them out of harm’s way.  Please use footpaths provided to enter and exit school grounds.
  • Students are permitted in school grounds after school with close adult supervision only.
  • Students to stay seated at the Undercover Area if they have a milo/soup from the Canteen in the morning and not to walk around with hot drinks.  The same reminder is for all adults in the school grounds too.


Congratulations firstly to Fitzgerald Faction - winners of the Splash Day event.

We would like your feedback about the Splash Day held on Friday 3 May for our Year 4 to 6 students.

The survey will take about 3 to 4 minutes to complete and we thank you in advance for your feedback as it will help us continue to improve the experience and event.

The survey closes on Monday 20 May 2019.  Photos from the SPLASH Day will be posted in an album on the GPS Facebook Page.



For your interest here is some current data on our students’ attendance data by Year group.

As you can see from the Authorised and Unauthorised Absences table below, 59% of our Pre-Primary parent/carers and 49% of our Year 2 parent/carers have not informed the school of a reason for their child’s absence from school. I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for absences and as the school is to request reasons for absences, I would appreciate you informing the class teacher either via Seesaw, note, phone call, email, etc of the reason for absences.

Our goal in 2018 was to reduce the percentage of unauthorised absences (absences where no reason has been provided) for all year levels and we have increased our authorised absences percentages from 50% to an average of 59% so well done with that.  Please continue to inform class teachers the reason why your child is absent from school.


























GPS Attendance Profile – Term 1 to Current, 2019



Regular Total (%)

(90% or greater)


Indicated Total (%)

(80% to less than 90%)



Moderate Total (%)

(60% to less than 80%)



Severe Total (%)

(less than 59% attendance)


272 students (82%)

48 students (14%)

12 students (4%)

1 student (0%)



At GPS we use information provided by parent/cares to identify students at risk and their known allergens and inform all staff, including relief staff and Canteen staff about students at risk.

We advise parents that the school is allergy aware and so request that you not to send foods with whole nuts or nut pastes to school.

*This request does not apply to foods labled as ‘may contain traces of nuts’ as this applies to many foods and excluding them all is not practical. 

Please inform the school (class teacher/s and Front Office staff) if your child has any allergies we need to be aware of and manage at the school level.


Crunch&Sip is a primary school nutrition program, developed to increase the quantities of vegetables and fruits and water being consumed by Western Australian children. It is an easy way to help kids stay healthy and happy!

Crunch&Sip is a set time during the school day for students to eat vegetables and fruit and drink water in the classroom. Students bring vegetables and/or fruit and a clear water bottle to school each day for the Crunch&Sip break.

Giving students the chance to re-fuel with fruit or vegetables helps to improve physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom, as well as promoting long term health.

The objectives of Crunch&Sip are to:

  • increase awareness of the importance of eating vegetables and fruit and drinking water
  • give students, teachers and staff an opportunity to eat vegetables and fruit during an allocated Crunch&Sip break in the classroom
  • encourage students, teachers and staff to drink water throughout the day in the classroom, during break times and at sports, excursions and camps
  • encourage parents to provide students with fruit or vegetables every day
  • develop strategies to help students who don't have regular access to fruit and vegetables

Why should students eat vegetables and fruit in class?

Western Australian kids aren't eating enough vegetables and whole fruit. Recent government research has revealed that for primary school children in WA:  

  • Five out of six do not eat enough vegetables
  • One out of nine does not eat enough fruit

Why should students drink water in class?

Water lost each day through breathing, sweating and going to the toilet needs to be replaced. Not drinking enough fluid results in dehydration which can lead to the reduced ability to concentrate, headaches and irritability. By the time a person is thirsty they are already becoming dehydrated.

Children rarely drink enough during break times at school and often forget to drink unless reminded. Some teachers comment that they always let students leave the class to have a drink from a fountain if they ask permission. But children may not think to ask, and other students can use 'going for a drink' as an opportunity to 'go for a wander'.

  • Students who are regularly reminded to drink water and who are able to bring a water bottle into the classroom drink more and are less likely to become dehydrated. One out of nine does not eat enough fruit

Please see the poster below as to what is permitted as Crunch&Sip foods.


There is an opportunity for two places on the School Council for parent/community representatives.  If you are interested in nominating and/or finding out more information, please contact Craig Palmer or Jacqui Quartermaine.  A nomination form is attached  Nominations are due in to Jacqui Quartermaine at by Friday 31 May 2019.

School Council Nomination Form – Parent/Community Representative

Nomination of a candidate for Parent Representative on the School Council – Geraldton Primary School

Background Information:

Several vacancies for parent representatives have arisen for position on the School Council for 2019 to 2021 period (3 years).

 Nominees are required to use the school’s prescribed nomination form and should include a short candidate profile.

If the number of nominations exceeds the number of positions then an election will be held.

 People who are eligible to nominate for a category are also eligible to vote for that category. That is, only parents vote for the parent members, only students vote for the student members and only staff vote for the staff members.

There are 2 School Council Meetings held after school each term from 3.30pm to 5.00pm in Terms 1 and 4 and one per term in Terms 2 and 3.

 Information about School Councils can be found at the link below:

 Please return your nomination form to Jacqui Quartermaine, Principal, Geraldton Primary School by Friday 31 May 2019 either via email to or to the Front Office in an envelope.

Nomination for Parent Representative on the School Council      

Geraldton Primary School

 I wish to nominate myself as a candidate for election to the School Council.


 Candidate Profile:


























 Declaration of candidate

 I nominate myself as a candidate and if elected will accept the responsibility of being a Parent

Representative on the School Council – Geraldton Primary School.


Signature of candidate: _____________________ Date: _____________________

Application forms are available at the office if you are interested.


As you are aware, Rachel Rutter is currently Acting Principal at Holland Street School in Term 2.  Fiona Angelatos and Alyse Wilson are sharing the role of Deputy Principal as Rachel’s replacement.  Fiona works Monday to Wednesday and Alyse works on Wednesday and Thursday.

Judith Duff will be taking LSL from June 4 onwards for 7 weeks and Fiona Angelatos will be replacing Judith as Deputy Principal in that time.

Lorraine Jones is taking LSL each Friday in Term 2 and Amber Gratte will be taking on her role in Room 13 during Lorraine’s leave.

Paige Maeder is working in Room 2, Year 2 on Fridays whilst Ian Davidson is on LSL.  Paige is also working in Room 11, Year 3 on Mondays whilst Alyse Wilson is doing the Deputy Principal role.

Additionally, Jacinda Harries is working in Room 7, Year 6 on Fridays this term whilst Alyse Wilson in doing the Deputy Principal role.

Sarah Todd is working in Pre-Primary 17A whilst Delma Millett who is on LSL in Term 2 and 3.

Lizanne Boyd will be working as our AIEO in Makeesha Dalgety’s absence for the remainder of the year.

It is always a pleasure to welcome new staff to Geraldton Primary School and we welcome them to our teaching and learning team.


A reminder to return any Medical Plan documentation to Mrs Simpson at the Front Office.  This applies to students who require specific actions/plans for a range of common conditions. Forms are available for common conditions.  For other conditions the generic health care form or a plan provided by a medical practitioner can be used.  

The following plans are available from the Front Office should you require one or more of them:

  • Severe allergy/anaphylaxis
  • Minor and moderate allergies  Diabetes
  • Seizure
  • Asthma
  • Activity of daily living
  • Administration of medication
  • Emergency response plan for students with special needs
  • Generic health care plan (for all other conditions).

Parent Information Brochure – Student Health Care


Don’t our Leavers’ Shirts look amazing.  The students and staff absolutely love them and we thank Ashe Gough for organising this.


Because of our outstanding teachers, principals and school support staff, students in Western Australia are provided with a high quality education – whatever their ability, wherever they live, whatever their background.

Coming from different backgrounds themselves, our staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to schools and classrooms. They are leaders in educational innovation and reform. Because they see the potential in every child, their priority is to enrich student learning and inspire students to achieve to the best of their ability.

Through the WA Education Awards, we thank our teachers, leaders and support staff for their role in making a difference in the lives of students in Western Australia.

In 2019 you can nominate in any of the 11 award categories. We encourage you to acknowledge the hard work, commitment and passion by nominating an individual or your school for an award.

WA Education Awards - The Department of Education

WA Education Awards. We thank our teachers, leaders and support staff for making a difference in the lives of our students. Nominations are now open.


ELLA (Early Languages Learning Australia) Program F - 2 Schools Trial

We are excited to have been chosen to participate in this digital language learning program.  It will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the students, families and teachers at your school.

The ELLA F-2 schools trial is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and is managed by Education Services Australia (ESA).

Early Languages Learning Australia website link

Western Australian Future Leaders Framework trial

I am pleased to let you know that Geraldton PS will be participating in a trial of the Western Australian Future Leaders Framework.

There will be three trials in 2019 and Geraldton Primary School has been selected for Trial 1.

The trial is a new approach to the early identification of potential school leadership talent and one initiative of the Western Australian Public School Leadership Strategy 2018-2021.

Feedback from this trial will be used to adapt and develop materials to reflect the Western Australian public school context for use as part of the further trials, later in 2019.

COMMISSIONER FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE WA - SPEAKING OUT SURVEY - Year 4 to 5 students in Week 5 of Term 2 (27 – 31 May)

  • Geraldton Primary School will be participating in a project that aims to promote the wellbeing of children and young people by examining aspects of children’s health and wellbeing for which limited or no data exists.
  • The Speaking Out Survey project involves asking students from Year 4 to Year 12 in government and non-government schools across WA for their views about their health, their family, their friends, their school, their safety and the community in which they live.

Parent/carers will be provided with information and a permission slip this week.


We organised for a Junior Crew Incursion run by the Department of Transport to be run at the school last week.  This is a very important program given our close proximity to open water in Geraldton and the many families involved in on the water activities.  The Junior Crew program is a marine safety educational resource for primary school students and it focuses on 3 key marine safety topics:

  • Safe use of boats.
  • Personal boating safety.
  • Safety of others when boating                        

Geraldton Guardian article link -

Thank you to Judith Duff and the Student Councillors for coordinating our ANZAC Day Assembly in the first week of Term as we marked this most important national commemorative occasion. Thank you to Joshua Duff who played the Last Post for us.

Photos from ANZAC Day service.

Thank you to Enrico Luces and Meika Butterworth who represented Geraldton Primary School at the ANZAC Day service at Birdwood House on April 25. 



We have a very full term as per usual and an updated Term Planner is attached.  Please note the change in date of the Open Night Market Stall and the Football and Lightning Carnival.

Please contact the Front Office if you have any queries.


 Jacqui Quartermaine

Principal, Geraldton